About Us

Ultratex (S) Pte. Ltd. supply a wide range of various accessories and consumables for Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM). Products ranging from Wire EDM, EDM and Drilling EDM. Operating a variety of different machine maker and models since our inception. Our product and the skilled services with EDM-related know-how will meet customer's need and provide better quality and reliability.

Ultratex can supply your business with a variety of EDM brass wire, Zinc-coated wire, Ion exchange resin, Rust remover, Anti-rust solution, Filter element (Water & Oil Type), OMF super filter, Ultra Tough filter, Wire dies guide (Diamond & Sapphire), Power feed contact, Flushing nozzle, Connected parts, Copper tungsten electrode, Copper tungsten tapping, Copper & Brass eletrode tube, Drilling chuck, Ceramic pipe guide, TS-guide & collet, Wire-cut vise & Clamp, EDM tooling system, Graphite material, and other machine consumables & Accessories. Our sales staff will assist you with your supply needs and provide technical assistance to optimize your use of our products.

Registered NameUltratex (S) Pte. Ltd.
Business Registration number200614469R
Date Incorporated2006

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